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We enable our plants and facilities around the world to produce world-class products for customers everywhere. We ensure flawless production of our vehicles in a high quality, efficient, safe and sustainable manner.

What We Do

Vehicle Operations Manufacturing Engineering (VOME)
Responsible for the planning, procurement, installation, capability and launch of state-of-the-art manufacturing systems to produce new model vehicles in manufacturing plants. VOME engineers lead projects from program kickoff through design, test and launch phases until mass production begins.

Stamping engineers lead projects to ensure the successful delivery and sustainability of presses and dies that produce aluminum and steel panels for new model vehicles.

Material Planning and Logistics (MP&L)
Coordinates production processes and optimizes the global supply chain by enabling the synchronous flow of information and material. MP&L manages and communicates key information such as release requirements, engineering changes, operating patterns, shipping routes and in-transit parts follow-up.

Plant Operations
Responsible for leading the day-to-day engineering and workforce operations to assemble and distribute Ford Vehicles globally. Plant operation employees ensure seamless production on the frontlines of 65 plants worldwide, including stamping, engine, transmission and vehicle assembly plants.

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